Art Shows Galore!!

8 04 2014

Hey everyone!

So after taking a little break from shows since my 3 person show at Phone Booth Gallery, I’m back and with 3 shows!!  Well, the Adventure Time show has left us after it’s short lifespan at Gallery 1988 (WEST), but if you missed out on the show, the work is still available for purchase and viewing on their site.  As a shameless plug, here’s my piece from the show.

A little backstory of my piece.

I LOOOOOVE Adventure Time.  Lemme tell ya.  It took me a season or 2 in to realize what a unique treasure this show really is so I missed the boat early on but, hot damn is this show mathematical.  I did my piece on Magic Man partly because I figured 95% of the show would be dedicated to Finn and Jake (which is all fine and dandy) but I think the strength of the show lies with all of the smaller characters.  Magic Man is a really small character but he is one of my favorites for sure.  I remember when I saw the episode that introduced him like it was yesterday.  While watching the show as any normal person would, I remember my jaw literally dropping when he flipped that adorable little bird inside out and it sloppily bounced away.  It completely caught me off guard and I just about died laughing.  Call me sick and twisted, but I love a good rug pull and this got me pretty good.  He’s such a jerk and I love him for it.

So this piece is a poster I designed for his magic show at the Grand Hall of Wizardry.

Next up is the 30th Anniversary Show for Ghostbuster.  This piece was a challenge because I just couldn’t figure out what I wanted to do.  Well that’s a lie. I knew what I wanted to do, but I couldn’t narrow the style down.  I think I got it and I think you’ll like it!  It’s a traveling show and It’s kicking off in NY, then Chicago, then LA and finally down to SD for Comicon.  (are you going?  I am!  See you there!) Here’s more details about the show.  Check out the awesome debut prints from my pals Joshua Budich and Anthony Petrie!  These dudes are no joke.

Lastly Gallery 1988 is having their 10 year anniversary show this week.  I first heard of the gallery back in 2007 when they had their crazy 4 cult show and I’ve been hooked.  I always wanted to show with them and then one day I sent in a few pieces I made specifically to submit and behold, I was accepted not only to crazy 4 cult but a handful of other shows that year as well!  I was beside myself.  I had no experience with galleries and they invited me into their family.  I’ve met many of my close friends and favorite artists thanks to the gallery and I have to say it has changed my life and I owe a lot of my happiness to Jensen and Katie. (Thanks guys!) I’ve been so last minute with stuff lately because I’m trying to do it all with work, life and art shows but this 10 year show is a very personal show for me because I was such a fan first that I couldn’t not pay some respect to the gallery.

I chose 3 movies and did very minimal pieces that I’m pretty sure you’ll guess, because you’re smart. That’s all I can really say for now because I’m working off of 3 hours of sleep today.  Thanks for reading this if you made it this far.











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03.03.11 Photo: @scottlava

20 03 2011

Picked up my Scott Campbell “Showdowns” piece. Stooooooooked!


02.23.11 Photo: Olly Moss and jZn

24 02 2011

Got my prints and got my frames!

02.15.11: Rufio Ink meeting

16 02 2011

02.04.11 Photo: All mine!!!

4 02 2011

Officially the most expensive art piece I’ve bought. Scott Campbell’s showdown from American Psycho!!!  If you have no idea what I’m talking about, it’s one of my favorite scenes from the movie.   Here you go!

F*ck Valentine’s Day Contest

24 01 2011

Ever get dumped right before Valentine’s day?  Ever want to tell that ex significant other to shove it?   What’s a better way of saying “I hate you” than with a phallic cactus?  If you agree, I think you should vote for this picture!


2011 art project #3

13 01 2011

Evalynblack business cards