Road trip. Day ?? Oklahoma City, OK to Sante Fe, NM

8 09 2011

Sorry to jump out of order, but today was a very important day of our trip. So important, that I had to write about it ASAP. Here we go.

Oklahoma City sucked. But last night while Brett and I were outside our hotel, a mooing truck drove by us.

No, that wasn’t was so important. Anyways, once we got out of Oklahoma and into Texas, our epic day began. We saw a B-22 Osprey (for the lamen like me, it’s one of those planes that transform into a helicopter) fly over us, and it was so badass. I felt like i was in a Michael Bay movie. We planned on Amarillo being just a pit stop for an oil change. My mom texted me and told me about Cadillac Ranch. I had heard of it before, but had no idea it was in Amarillo. We had to see it.

After we gave lil dizzy her spa treatment we headed towards Cadillac Ranch. I almost missed seeing them off the interstate, but we finally arrived. Parked in front of us was an old beaten up Datsun with suitcases strapped to the roof. Brett and I agreed that it was the ultimate road tripping vehicle. It’s seen a lot of road. We me a couple of guys named JP and Charles; they’re a father and son. I obviously took moustache pictures of them, wished them a fun trip and waved them off. Some other travelers gave us their spray cans so we could paint the cars too. we went with the obvious tag and gave a giant moustache to the first car in line. Thus leaving out mark in Texas forever! We even saw desert mouse.

While back on the road, we stopped at every gas station to try and find some lone star beer (exclusive to Texas). We were proven unsuccessful. Keep calm and carry on.

Now entering New Mexico we became time travelers and went back in time an hour. Hello from the future, bitches! The drive was gorgeous. We’ve been driving east most of the way, we hadn’t driven into a sunset the entire trip! Through all the storms and dark skies we’ve been in, we were rewarded with a partial cloudy panoramic sunset. It was better than any discovery channel show I’ve seen. With the iPod instantly playing Jonsi and about 3 hours of sunset, we watched the sun go sleep. Not to mention we hit our 4,000 mile mark of our trip while this was happening.

We noticed that about 1/4 mile ahead of us was an old, beat up Datsun. It was JP and charlie! We’d caught up to them! I was honking and we were waving and Brett took some photos of them and we asked them to hold their new moustache cards up for another picture. I was watching the road and when I looked over, I see them holding my cards up!! So I snap a picture and am totally stoked on life right now. That was the highlight of the entire drive for me.

We arrived at the Sandia Peak Inn and I buzzed the front desk a few times. After 10 minutes of waiting, I call the hotel from my cell. Kay, the owner, runs down the stairs apologizing. No big deal, keep calm carry on. We compliment her on the great reviews her place has on yelp and She’s flattered, I’m sure. She was just a friendly person, I wasn’t schmoozing. Well, she upgraded us to the double queen bed suite. Sweet, thanks!

After putting our stuff in the room we went to grab tapas at a place called Gecko’s. there, we met a guy named Liam. He is a 16 year resident of New Mexico. We talked about traveling throughout the entire meal and finished with asking him what bar he goes to when he’s out. He told us to go to a Anodyne over on central and 4th.

Once we get to the bar, we walk up a flight of stairs and into an open pool hall with people reading, drinking, surfing the web and playing with their dogs. This place was the best possible recommendation we could’ve asked for. We play a couple of games of pool and chat with our server about things going on. We tell her we’re leaving tomorrow and she gives us “awww too bad” what? Why too bad? What cool thing are we missing?

“Zozobra.” she replied.

We looked it up and it looks like so much fun. It’s a mini burning man for Sante Fe where there’s a giant marionette sculpture that is lit on fire. You’re supposed to go to the marionette and cast any negative energy into the flames.

There’s no way we could miss this. This trip has been great because we don’t really have anything planned so we can stay another night in New Mexico if we wanted to. We can do what we want. This is OUR road trip.

Earlier in the night at Anodyne I got an email from JP asking if we could send him the pictures Brett took of him. When we met them, we and no idea they were father and son. We found out through their email. Brett took a really great shot of them in their car in New Mexico. These two are driving from St. Louis to LA for a Japanese car show. The ultimate road tripping vehicle became an icon for me. That car was probably driven with Charlie and his dad across the country. That car has so much sentimental value and this one picture captured that split second of a father and his son on a cross country trip bonding. You guys, we captured a moment in their lives that none of us would ever forget. It was too perfect. They are going to see a picture of themselves on a road trip in the Datsun that’s been with them for so long. Super cool. I wish I had an outside shot of us driving! They also invited us to the car show in LA because they had an extra ticket

It was such an amazing day.




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