Road trip. Day 8. New Orleans, LA

6 09 2011

Moustaches? Boy, you trying to trick us?

Waking up hung over and dragging ourselves out of bed, we finally made it to our car to get some food. Verin, the concierge, recommended we go to a place called Lil’ Dizzy’s. We took her recommendation seriously because she’s lived here a long time and goes to that place a lot. We pretty much had to try it or she would get mad at us, and we didn’t want that to happen.

Lil Dizzy’s is a small place, probably sat about 30 people. When we walked in, we were greeted with a smile from an older woman and a head nod from a jolly priest. The place smelled AMAZING! I had a quick look at the buffet to see what they had, and immediately had to have it in my belly. There was grits, fried chicken (light and dark meat) steamed veggies, potatoes, salad, rice, gumbo and bread pudding. You guys, the gumbo was THE BEST gumbo I’ve ever tasted. There was so much flavor packed into it. In the middle of our meal, the rain really started to come down a lot. It was an amazing feeling to be having authentic home cooked southern food in NOLA on a rainy day. It just felt authentic all around. Lucy and Rosalin were 2 of the nicest ladies I’ve met, ever. They were so warm and friendly, and are the definition of southern hospitality. We found out later that they were celebrities! George w. Bush ate there after Katrina hit.

Rosalin had a secret service agent assigned to her to keep en eye on her while preparing the food. She actually made him strain macaroni for her and prepare the food! He even took notes on How she was preparing the food because he wanted to make the food for himself too haha! That’s the type of place this was. It was a family, and I’m so appreciative to them for accepting us into their home and treating us not as tourists, but as guests. I was actually reminded a lot of my great grandma while I was there. If you’re even remotely near the south, you HAVE to swing by and say hello, you won’t regret it.

We took moustache pictures with them and they thought I was going to use the pictures for teasing them. Then they realized what I was doing with them and thought it was hilarious. They were so adorable and I will never forget those two wonderful ladies.

The rain picked up again and the coast guard cancelled all swamp tours in the area, so we thought it would be a good Idea to try and find some alligators on our own. We followed the Mississippi and then crossed it and drove through the nearest national park to try and find a spot where we could park and explore the bayous. The second the storm cleared we pulled over to snap some pictures. About 4 pictures in and a couple hundred feet from the car, the rain came down like a bucket of water. We made a mad dash to the car, soaked like we just came out of a pool.

We drove back to our hotel to get ready to catch a funk band at the iconic Maple Leaf Bar. But first, we grabbed dinner at a place called Jacques-imo’s next door. It was positively reviewed in yelp and it was our last dinner in NOLA. We ordered the Shrimp and alligator cheesecake, fried rabbit and sweet potatoes and deep fried drum, both dishes we’ve never had. Our waitress, Amber was super friendly and actually sat our table with us a few times to hang out. When she boxed up our food, she hooked us up with some coconut bread pudding! The food was so good, that we couldn’t waste it, so we decided to head back to the hotel to put it in our mini fridge.

While walking to our car, we saw a couple of hipster girls sitting on the hood of their red truck drinking a bottle of whiskey, heather and Hipster McGee. They were pretty much too cool for us. They made fun of hipsters, yet they had a painted keyboard and a cement block with the word “Lton” on it. W chatted for a bit, but then had to leave before I went crazy.

We went. Back to the hotel and saw that Verin was working and asked her if there was anything else to do that would be fun and closer. We met her fiancé and we all just ended up chatting about NOLA, bars and some spooky stories. That being said, we didn’t make it back to the maple leaf bar. Brian from Goorin Bros. Hat store invited us to a show at a place called the Saturn. His buddy was playing, Vox and the Hound and brian was dj’ing all night between sets. Brett and I thought that he was nice enough to invite us, so the least we could do is show up and check out a super local show.

This place was SUPER LOCALS ONLY. I also felt pretty old being there. But the band was great and brian had some rad songs on his list so it was worth checking it out. We were exhausted so we called it a night…oh, and I vomited. Good night!






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