Road trip. Day 7. New Orleans, LA

6 09 2011

It’s wet outside! I apologize ahead of time, because we did a lot today so I’m trying not to make this boring.

Day one in new Orleans and time to take to the streets. With nowhere to really go but around, we stumbled upon Goorin Bros. Hat shop to check out some cool headwear. Met a couple of cool kids, Sigourney and Brian. He gave us each a shot of Jameson, what a pal.

While walking around, we met a dude named Stoker. He was leaning on his bike playing some blues music on his guitar and harmonica. He seemed like he’s seen and experienced some things while on the road. Super cool dude with super groovy blues jams.

We were a little hungry so we walked over to cafe du monde where we met Dan, our giddy Asian server. We ordered beignets. They’re the bulby doughy parts of a funnel cake, but bigger and more delicious. Basically, the best part of a funnel cake is what a beignet is in my opinion.

We really had no big plans now that the coast guard cancelled our swamp tour, thanks a lot tropical storm Lee! That’s all right though, we walked around the French Quarter for a good chunk of time. Beknownst to us, It was pride weekend in New Orleans. We wanted to check out the blacksmith bar, the oldest bar in North America apparently. As we walked towards it, there was a line of topless men and leather daddies flooding the street and boy town club music bumping from the bar. We turned down the next block immediately haha. The looks we got were pretty hilarious, especially Brett 😉 yowzas!!!

We found a random voodoo shop down the street we turned in. It was run by a voodoo priest named Dr. John Gris Gris. He was an older man, on the heavy side with a snake in hand. He was pretty creepily soft spoken and lived on the 3rd floor above his shop. He owned a 10 foot lizard 5 pythons all over 5 feet long. He said they weren’t caged because they’re not pets, they’re his extended family. Thanks voodoo priest for the wonderful time!

We made our way to a bar called the Abbey. We had passed it earlier and I was inclined to take picture of the sign for some reason, because I felt I had to go back there. It was a cool sign, and there was something about it that made me want to go back, so we did. This bar was dark. There were 3 people in there, including the bartender. We grabbed a couple seats and the bar and started chatting with Jessica the bartender. She’s been to every state except Alaska. She was friendly very warm. A girl named Bob was there too. She works as a server at Coop’s place and I think she was between shifts so was killing time and hanging out at the bar. She had some crazy stories about New Orleans culture and about things that I don’t feel like should be mentioned on here.

She walked outside for a second and then came in with a mirror, “if it’s on the street, it’s yours.” sweet! I took a couple of moustache pictures and if you notice, there were giant circles blocking them in the camera. I took multiple pics and they had them. I asked Jessica if the bar was haunted because of the orbs. Bob, in the corner yelled out “do you know where you are, honey?” I did, that’s why I wanted to confirm. Duh, Bob. 😉 I was also honored to hear that Bob called us travelers, not tourists. That was very flattering coming from the über local, Bob. She also invited us to come to a funeral with her. I would’ve loved to check it out, but felt weird because we’re not from there, plus we had to head out that morning.

Jessica told me to look behind her and above the register. I asked if those were what I though they were…they were. Urns. About 5 or 6 of them, each containing remnants of old regulars and the original owner. It was a good bar to be in for sure. One thing I also found out is that there a lot of 24 hour bars. I also saw a dude run in soaked from the rain. He took his shirt off and opened his bag and pulled out a less soaked shirt and put it on. I struck up conversation with the dude named Sebastian. He was a rad guy. He’s an organic farmer who’s been going around from farm to farm gaining experience and perfecting his craft and making a little bit of money here and there. He wants to run for president one day. He has a good head on his shoulder. His dream is to open up an organic art farm and also be a blacksmith. He likes to build things and ultimately wants to build a canon and put it out in front of his farm. I told him every time a visitor comes by, he has to greet them by sitting atop his canon and firing it at them, but for me he has to do it with a giant ball of confetti. Agreed!

We walked over to Coop’s with Bob and had some amazing blackened shrimp pesto and and shrimp oyster fetuccini. The food was delicious and really rich. It was the best blackened shrimp pasta I’ve ever had!

I forgot to mention that we were at the Abbey for a couple hours drinking so by the time we got to Coops, we were feeling pretty good.

After dinner we decided to go back to the hotel to nap and sober up for another crazy night. We napped for about 2 hours and woke up with hangovers, it was about 10:00. ::sigh::

We got dressed and walked back down bourbon street towards Marginy which is kind of the hipster ward outside of the French Quarter. We ate at a place called 13 and met a hippie named Jenna. She was a pot farmer for a bit in SF and she gave me a leaf from her lemon tree. Sounds like a hippie to me! But don’t tell her that because she’ll probably kill you.

Walking down the street, we heard a band covering the Black Keys really well so we walked in a grabbed a drink. These kids were great. Rally talented. One of the dudes was on the banjo too. They also played Poison by bell biv devoe and moneygrabber but Fitz and the tantrums, really fun and great energy.

Stepped outside for a bit to check out the storm and stand in the rain in New Orleans and was approached by a couple of travelers from Australia. Al and Alice were actually going on the road trip that we had just taken and making their way over to Los Angeles! So you bet your ass I’m going to to my best to kick it with them. We ended up hanging out with them the rest of the night and later on were approached by a young woman by the name of Alicia or Aleesha or uhleeshuh, not sure how to spell her name.

But she was 28 years old with a 12 year old son, you can do the math. She asked if we were in a band and when we told her what we were doing, her eyes lit up and we started talking about astrology and Hurricane Katrina. She yelled down the street to her friend, Walicia or Wahleeshuh or wall•esha, who was our age and had 4 kids! The two of them together were quite the comedic duo, I had a lot of fun meeting them.

Well, it was about 3 am so we decided to head back towards the hotel. Keep in mind that we walked about 2 or 3 miles there, so we had to make it back. We found another bar that was open and had some video games, so of course we went in to see it. There was a laudromat, foosball, pool and zombie t-shirts. This place was fine by me. After I DESTROYED Brett at foosball, we took our half full cans of PBR and walked back into the storm. From there, we walked to the Mississippi River. We wanted to be able to say that at one point in our lives, we were in New Orleans during a tropical storm standing at the Mississippi. Check that off the list!

As we walked through the lobby of the hotel, water squished out of my shoes with every step. If you were a serial killer and I didn’t tip you well, you could’ve found me very very easily.

I don’t recall what I did when I got back to the hotel, but I know I went to bed around 5/5:30 am. Good times NOLA!














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