Road trip. Day 6. Houston, TX to New Orleans, LA

3 09 2011

Good bye Houston. Hello New Orleans. We’ve made it!

Good morning crazy hangover. After regaining control of my body and getting ready, we hobbled over to a bar called Rudyards. I was under the impression we were going to a coffee shop. Ivanne the bartender asks what I want to drink. Coffee please. After finally convinging me that I’m no fun, it turns into an whiskey irish coffee…and then 2 shots. She was sweet and bought the shots for us. See the check she gave us? Rad! I was pretty buzzed by the time we got BBQ with Kristen and Casey.

At Hickory Hollow, we ordered a sample platter. That food came out on a 16″ plate. Finally, Texas BBQ. Ribs, chicken fried steak, sausage, brisket, coleslaw and fried okra. We also got a baked potato and tater tots. It was a lot and we almost finished it.

After lunch, we did one of those things that was just 100% meant to be. The Star Wars exhibit was in town! I missed it by a week when I was in Seattle, but in Houston, we made it by 2 weeks! Destiny.

Super nerdy geek out time. There was a life size replica of the Millennium Falcon’s cockpit. We were flipping switches like we’ve nrver turned a light on before. We all just sat, laughing about how awesome it was. Doesn’t get much cooler than that. But wait, the guy workingsaid,”are you ready?” ready for what? C-3PO starts talking and flying us around the galaxy and shit! Thanks 3PO! You rule.

We light speeded ahead about 5 times. Every kid’s dream

We said our byes and headed out to New orleans. The drive was nice. 8 -9 hours driving is nothing to us now. We drove over some marshy spots and towards our next storm. in louisiana, I hear that if you speed, you get arrested. Not even a ticket. Pretty nuts. On the interstates, you HAVE to drive on the right lane, unless passing. It’s a state law. I wasn’t used to that.

We decided to park and walk a bit in Baton Rouge. It was nice, for the time we spent there. We leisurely strolled for about 30 minutes before making our way to the closest spot to grab a drink. We went to the bar at hotel indigo and met Stephen the bar tender and Tom the simonize wax dude. We talked about work and places to check out in town. Pretty average bar experienece. Onward to New Orleans!

We arrived to the hotel around midnight or so and was greeted by Verin who was studying to be a chemist. School started this week I guess. She gave us some recommendations for things to do and try. She called us hipsters and sent us to places over in Marigny pass the French quarter.

She changed our room one time, our keys didn’t work for the second room. Third times the charm, our room was upgraded to a suite with a kitchen and super comfy beds with a great view of Canal street. The new Orleans motto, keep calm and carry on. I believe patience worked out in our favor. Off to a pretty good start in new Orleans!











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3 09 2011
Kytia L'amour

You’re not allowed to blog. And stop having so much fun. Ciao!

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