Road trip. Day 5. Austin,TX to Houston, TX

2 09 2011

Good eats, great drinks, amazing new/old friends

After a night of drinking about town, it’s about time to head out to our buddies in Houston! But first, we needed some coffee and some breakfast tacos! While checking out of the Hotel San Jose, the young gentleman behind the front desk complimented my tattoo, “I love your bounty hunter tattoo!” (O_o) I immediately replied with a friendly, “you are my people and you have put the cherry on top of my Austin experience, I MUST take a picture of you with my moustache card!”

It was pretty great, Elizabeth, who had given us some tips about places to check out the day before was there too. She tried to hide in the office, but I shouted, “don’t think you’re getting away THAT easy!” then we talked about a mustache and beard festival that is going to happen soon.

Brett also saw a really beautiful screen print framed behind the front desk and was told that their sister hotel, St. Cecilia had them across the street. We bid farewell and went to grab Brett’s print. You guys, St. Cecilia is a super hip and fancy joint, if you have the money to spend, I suggest you check it out.

Next stop, Houston!

Averaging about 7-8 hours of driving between places, 3 hours is a cake walk. One thing to note, Texas doesn’t really care about speed limits. 90-100 mph avg. BLAMO!

While waiting for our friends to free up and meet up with us, Brett and I went to Freebirds to get some burritos. If you’ve been to freebirds in Santa Barbara, it’s the same idea but bigger and similar to Chipotle. I was greeted by a young lady with a monotone,”Suuuuuuuuup man”

“oh not much, just cruising around your town”
“ohhhhhhhh, sweeeeeeeet. where you from, man?”
“what do ya do, maaaaan?”
“movie trailers and art”
“oh shit, man! That’s what I wanna do. Shit. That’s rad.”

We chatted a bit more as we side stepped down the line while she was making my burrito. I could tell her manager was kind of annoyed b our conversation, because we were holding up the line. Whatever, making friends is so much better than eating a burrito! I took a picture of Vivian with a moustache card and said good bye to my first new friend from houston.

Killing some time, we went for a drink at the Royal Oak. That place was rad. Brett’s friend Dave was working and made us a couple of tasty Manhattons before heading out to meet up with some new/old friends, Casey, Rex, Brandie and Kristen.

What better way to welcome a couple of travelers than by helping move into a new apartment! Brett and I were more than happy to help move in the 90+ degree weather! 😉 we caught up for a bit while moving couches and furniture and then went back to the Royal Oak to kick off the night with dinner and drinks. We hung out there for a couple hours, chatted about the trip over a few drinks on the patio.

Next, we went to a really terrific bar called Anvil. Anvil is another one of those places where it takes about 5-10 minutes to make a cocktail. There, cocktail mixology is a fine art, much like a chef prepares his food and plates to perfection at a high end restaurant. Kristen entrusted the bartender with making her a drink with gin. I forgot what it was called, but it was delicious. It was spicy and refreshing at the same time. Brett had their rendition of an old fashioned and loved it. I had a dry called the alibi. It had honey, fig jam, whiskey and other things I can’t recall. That drink was so refreshing, it was like angels cried tears of joy down an ice luge of tropical rain forests and into my mouth. Yes, it was that good. new friend Rachel met up with us too. It was her first night out after being sick and bedridden for 7 days (glad you’re better, Bob!!!)

Across the street was the next bar called Boondocks. It’s a super fun dive bar that everyone’s buddy owned. Kristen took the night off there to take us out (what a sweetheart) Unfortunately Rex was working so he couldn’t hang out with us. But fortunately he was bar tending there so he hooked us up with drinks. It was $1 well drinks all night, so most of the town was there and it was a great vibe.

We had a couple shots and drinks then made our way to the poison girl a couple blocks down the street. I met a dude named Nick and we talked about my trip and some of his travels. Then his friend Galena came over and the 3 of us kept with the conversation. She actually texted her friend in New Orleans telling her that we were heading over there and to hit me up if she was free. No idea who she is, but she does something with burlesque and that’s all I needed to know.

2 am stumbled around and we went back to Boondocks to hang out after hours while Rex and everyone was closing up shop. We kept drinking for another hour or 2 with some pals. Majority of the time was spent drinking and arguing about which street fighter character was the best (obviously Ken) and shitty horror movie trivia. It was very very loud and intense, but super fun. Around 3:30-4:00 hit, Rex was good and ready to leave, so we headed out.

When we got to his place, Brandie had already made ready our bed so we could pass out ASAP. It was super cool! We hung out outside for a bit, since we couldn’t really hang out with Rex while he was working.

I fell into my pillow like a redwood tree falling in slow motion and passed out seconds later.

Thanks so much to you all for making our night in Houston, one I won’t soon forget.










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