Road trip. Day 3. Carlsbad, NM to Austin, Tx

30 08 2011

This trip just keeps getting better and better!!

As I posted earlier, we went cave spelunking and it was beautiful! I fell asleep for about an hour today while Brett took the wheel and woke up in the middle of Texas. After switching, we drove through a town called Hendricksonburg. I had an old Texas saloon feel to it and everything about it was charming. We were on a tight deadline so we couldn’t stop to smell the sasparella. (sp?)

As we continued to drive we passed some small roadside ranches. We saw some longhorn bulls, deer, antelope and even an ostrich! The drive through east Texas wasn’t as bad as people made it out to be. There was some beautiful nature surrounding us. We even drove through a pretty powerful thunder storm. The clouds were daunting and the rain was fat and hard. I can finally say I’ve driven through a storm in Texas at 100 mph, quite the adrenaline rush.
On of the managers of the Alamo Drafthouse suggested we arrive at 9:00 pm for the movie, we got there at about 9:10.

Brett and I have been wanting to check the theater out for a long time and we finally made it! The theater was everything I’d hoped it would be, and more! Each row had a chest high counter top. We got a bucket of beer and a burger and pizza. The food was a lot better than some of the places I’ve had back home!

We watched the Big Lebowski quote-along and upon walking in, we received a pink blow up giant baseball bat and a glowstick. Why, you ask? Because there’s a scene in the movie then John goodman’s charter beats a corvette with a crowbar. When that scene happened, everyone started beating each other up with the bats! It was just fun.

From the Alamo, we checked in to the Hotel San Jose. This hotel is fantastic! Instead of rooms, they have little bungalows scattered throughout their grounds. Then we found out there’s a bar across the street called the Continental Club. Which was exactly the bar/club I wanted to be at in austin. All the tables were pushed to the back of the room and girls were pulling their significant others off their stools and onto the “dance floor” Everyone knew how to swing dance and was having the best time ever. The band was a swing/rockabilly band with a singer who looked like he’d lived an interesting life. People knew his songs and were requesting his songs by name, definitely a local favorite.

As recommended by Kate the bartender, we went to the bar next door that had another live band, but we just missed them. We kicked it with the bartender who gave us some pointers about making drinks with bitters and how bitters tastes like butthole. He was a cool cat.

Drunk and stoked on life, we took a nice leisurely stroll towards the Capitol building and walked to the S. Congress bridge (a couple of miles from the bar and about 2:30 am at this point). We looked over the bridge to soak everything in and we looked down to the water and saw hundreds of bats. this was THE bridge I wanted to see but was worried I would miss it!! I couldn’t believe I was watching bats flying below me and the Capitol was right there. It was a great feeling!



Carlsbad Caverns

29 08 2011

Just a quickie post. We just left the caves and they were exquisite. I’m so happy we made the trip out to see them. I wish there was more time to do more intense spelunking but I left satisfied. I will definitely come back again in this lifetime.

Next stop, the Alamo Drafthouse in Austin, Texas!!

What are we listening to on the way there you ask? Star Wars: Heir to the Empire audiobook!!!!

Talk to you soon.

Road trip. Day 2. Sante Fe, NM to Carlsbad, NM

29 08 2011

New rule: take a shot or slam a brew every 1,000 miles, whether we pull over or find the next closest bar.

Today was the day I was reminded I was a minority. More on that later.
Last night’s drive was kinda “meh.” we crossed the arizona/new Mexico border around 10:30. It was pitch black. Only things lighting the highway were the occasional rest stops and headlights. We arrived at Brett’s family’s place at midnight exactly. I’m ALWAYS punctual!

I might have wrote that all in yesterday’s post, but I think I forgot. This morning we went out for breakfast with Ann and John Dale (brett’s family) at a local joint called harry’s roadhouse. I had the cornmeal waffles, they were the bomb diggty.

Afterward Ann and John Dale drove us through the Sante Fe Plaza, local wrt galleries and through some beautiful residential neighborhoods. Fun fact. It is illegal for anyone to build a house out of anything but adobe (I think if you state that it’s not adobe, you can but not in certain neighborhoods). The more you know. We saw the OLDEST church and home in America! Have you?? I bet you haven’t!! FTW!

After our farewell and thank you’s we made way to the next step on our most epic of epic journeys, Pep Boys. My car was acting funny last night so I took her to the doctor. We concluded that she was just sleepy after working a 17 hour day. Also, targets here look like adobe homes too, it’s pretty awesome.

Now, off to Roswell!
The drive to Roswell was FLAT. Like, white girl butt FLAT. We were racing a storm and Brett and I rocked out karaoke style to the get up kids and the anniversary. That’s right, reppin’ 1998. until we passed a desolate little town called Encino. Seconds after seeing the consistency of abandoned buildings, we seized the opportunity for great photos and pulled over.

The buildings roadside were completely abandoned and left to die. It was a creepy feeling of being watched the most of the time I was there, but I had to get over it and explore. There were “for sale” signs on buildings that looked like they were hit by a tornado. Cars that looked 100 years old and know things. Fire station with trucks from different generations. A hotel that looked like it was the epicenter of an earthquake. It was DESOLATE.

Ok, now to Roswell, The city I will never go back to. Roswell is a dump. I was expecting people and aliens cohabitating. Walking around the streets eating ice cream. Alien boys wearing letterman jackets and human girls with green makeup and nail polish wearing foil 50’s skirts. It was not that. We went to a place called “the Roswell space center” and was greeted by a jabba-esque man watching some 90’s flick, “greetings, earthlings! (while hand gesturing spock’s tri-hi). I felt so at home there. As per request of my new chubby faced nerd friend we went to Area 51. If I were to describe it to anyone, id say it’s the love child of an arcade prize, mcdonald’s playpen, gas station gift shop and the max diner, but empty and alien themed. I know, awesome.

The lady that worked seemed like she hadn’t spoken to a human in years. We asked her if there was an alien themed bar around, big mistake. I now now that she drinks at the bowling alley bar which has been overtaken by people that listen to the hip hop music, there were 6 months with no rain last year, the close bar was closed multiple times for getting minors drunk, the restrooms are for employees only and the floors are dirty but the toilet is functional and there was no alien themed bar.

Carlsbad is where we’ll rest our heads tonight. It’s not the nature town I hoped it would be. Instead, it’s a small town where everything is closed and the main street has construction the entire length of the city. We found a place called danny’s house BBQ and it was such an amazing meal! When walked in, I got the ” you not from around here” look from the 400 lb truckers and the dude wearing overalls. It was hilarious, and I loved it.

We looked for a bar to grab a drink and unwind, but nothing was open andthe place that was, didn’t serve alcohol. Good thing the gas station did. After checking into the room and watching toy story 2, we decided to go for a walk. We found out our neighboring hotel was the only bar in the entire city that was open on sundays. Last call was at about 10:30. The bar tender was nice gave us a free drink. The entire bar was empty so we walked out to the back patio and saw about 10 people outside hanging out, all truckers.

THAT was when I realized, I was a minority. It was super uncomfortable, you guys! We didn’t stay there too long, for obvious reasons.

I found it uncanny That we were looking for a bar for hours (since we hit 1,000 miles) and didn’t find one. We decide to go for a little walk from our hotel, and the only bar that was open in the entire city, was next door and we made last call!

We did it, friends. We slammed our beers!

Next stop, cave spelunking at Carlsbad Caverns and then off to the Alamo Drafthouse in Austin, TX.



















Road trip. Day 1. Los Angeles, CA to Sante Fe, NM

28 08 2011

Today was one of the most beautiful days I’ve ever experienced. I left to pick up Brett at 6:00 am and left his house at 7. We booked it and it took us literally an hour to drive 100 miles. It took us 20 minutes to get from Culver City to Alhambra, it was insane. I feel like LA was trying to get us out of there ASAP so we could have that extra hour or so to experience more on our first day.

In a nutshell:
wagon wheel restaurant. Needles, CA. 115 degrees. Gross.
Desert. Grassland. Forrest. Day rain.
Sedona. Locals. Talked to the bar tender about his bad back and he poured me a triple 7&7. Not tank tops for sale in Sedona. Go figure.
Night rain. Crappy thunderstorm. Tooth chipped on a stupid pretzel.
Got a funny “you’re not from around here” feel at a Truck stop.
Made it to New mexico. Albuquerque is bigger than I thought. Too late and exhausted to do anything though so we went to Sante Fe to stay with Brett’s relatives. Amazing house. More amazing shower I cannot wait to see outside in the morning.

Got a lot accomplished today. Not too shabby for day 1 of 17. This is the earliest I’ve gone to bed in a really long time. Goodnight, New Mexico.















Speed demon!

27 08 2011

100 miles in one hour! Not too shabby!! First stop: Sedona, AZ!

We be trippin’

25 08 2011

Sure has been a while since I’ve updated this bad boy!

Well, I need a place to write about my upcoming road trip adventure and instead of flooding everyone’s news feed with stuff, I’ll just try and keep mostly everything on here and you can come on my adventure with me.  If anyone has any recommendations for places I should check out, hit me up!!

Brett and I have “planned” some things but the rest of it is kind of in the air.  We have one hotel booked in New Orleans, gonna do the Big Lebowski Quote-a-long and bowling at the Alamo Draft House and Cave Spelunking in New Mexico, that’s pretty much it.  The rest is up in the air for recommendations,  crashing in the car, camping out and losing lots and lots of sleep and eating lots and lots of food.

I’m going to try and yelp about all my favorite places so that if you feel inspired to do this road trip too, you’ll have a better idea of what to do than I will.  I’ll be posting pics and stuff too (obvies).

We’re still looking for places to crash in some cities so if anyone out there has friends that are cool and don’t mind 2 fine lads sleeping under their roof, let us know!

Locations:  Sedona, AZ / Albuquerque, NM / Sante Fe, NM / Carlsbad Caverns, NM / Austin, TX / Houston, TX / New Orleans, LA / Memphis, TN / Oklahoma City, OK / Comanche Grasslands, CO / Grand Canyon, AZ

Time: 17 days

Mission: Eat as much random food as possible, meet some funky characters, buy a trashy tank top in every state, listen to some amazing music and see fireflies.  Oh, and go here

Let’s do this!